The underwater pictures shown in this section were taken at different places in the world, so I decided to present them in separate subsections according to the site or underwater species. There are six subsections you can select with the buttons above. In each, you will find some general information on the particular environment and species with a link to the photo album. 

Most pictures were taken with a camera from the  Nikon DX series.  In chronological order: D90, D7000, D7100 and D7200. With the thrusty Tokina 10-17 mm fish-eye lens in  Ikelite housings and  Ikelite D125 strobes. As a backup camera I used the Olympus EPL5 in the PT-EP 10 housing and Panasonic 8mm or Olympus 8mm f1.8 PRO fish eye lense (with extension). On the housings I had  a Precision acrylic minidome  of  5 inch (Nikon) or 4 inch (Olympus). In most cases, distance from the underwater objects was less than 1 meter. All pictures here are my property, and under copyright protection. Please contact me if you have any questions about copyright, or other matters. I hope you will enjoy this section!