The Mediterranean was my first love. Starting on  Ibiza, then still a 'hippy island', where I took my first UW pictures with a Pentax in a self made perspex housing, and visited little islands with my Zodiac Mark II.  Later, in the South of France near the 'Iles d'Hyeres',with a Zodiac RIB. There, at Port Cros and the Giens peninsula these pictures were taken (see insert). Best place to dive (with not too many diving boats around, thus early in the morning preferably in June or September) is La Gabiniere, a rocky islet just South of Port Cross located in the Parc National. You will need a permit to dive in this area with a  private boat. Yo will find  big dusky groupers (the number is now estimated to be around 200),  but also schools of barracuda, muray eels, diplodus, goat fish and occasionally dolphins or a Mola Mola further out in open water. The whole site can be divided into 3 different dives: the eastern drop-off, the south slope and the south west pinnacles.  Other nice sites are Escampobario at the SW point of the Giens Penisula, and Rocher Medes, two rocky extensions of the eastern point of Porquerolles island.  For people interested in wrecks there are several places to visit, but at 30 meter or deeper. See album: Mediterranean