I started this Website to give a overview of my underwater interests. The frontpage is open for everyone who has a nice picture to share. In the Photo Albums section  you will  find a couple of albums of UW pictures I collected in the last two decades. The Tests and Techniques section is a  'Wikipedia'-like overview of articles, facts and ideas derived from all kinds of media. In particular I tried to extract information from other UW photography websites that you might  find interesting. Of course with  giving credit to the original articles.  In Biology I focus on  interesting biologial and behavioral aspects of  the creatures that live in or visit the sea, without going to deeply in these matters. Here I also follow the 'Wikipedia' formula. The Blog section is meant to play around with all kind of actual topics related the under- or above-water environment.

Please contact  me via Email@albertkokuw.nl if you have any questions or suggestions. 

Take care and have fun,
Albert Kok