25. Mar, 2019

Climate change denial

Climate change denial is an attitude that unfortunately now also threatens to affect national governments. Climate change denial contradicts not only the reality of climate change but also -and more importantly- the scientific opinion that it is caused by the impact of humans.  This is because climate change denial is not based on science, but part of a political (not exclusively right-winged) movement defending an obsolete model of our economy, based on unlimited growth and profit. Its implication is no curtailing, taxation or limiting of the growth of industries, airports, and sales of fossil energy burning vehicles that pollute the air we breathe and our oceans. Even those that are willing to admit these dangers, might find that they are simply the price we have to pay for greater wealth. The price is CO2 emissions growing steadily, and breaking all records in the last year, with the US and China together accounting for 60% of total energy consumption in the world.