25. Mar, 2016

About dogs

This is not about sharks, manatees or UW  photography, but about dogs. Hope you will forgive me. I  am definitely  a ‘doggy man’ ; always loved dogs since I was a young boy and my parents bought a female smooth Fox terrier  that I named  ‘Jane’. We then  lived in Singapore,  in a house on  Orchard Road.  Poor  Jane was killed on that same Orchard road when my mother was a bit careless and  left the front door open.  Jane had spotted me walking  at the other side of that busy road,  ran towards me  and was almost instantly  hit by a taxi.

Now many years later,  my wife and I are still very much dog minded. In our  neighborhood in Amsterdam there are many dog owners.  Often you first get to know the dog, its name and its peculiar habits.  Then the person behind the dog.  Our own  dog  ‘Teun’ (Tony in English), is a Cairn terrier.  Teun has now reached  the  age of twelve  years:   multiplied  by six that makes  almost our own age.  Dogs  are affectionate and  intelligent, but  in a different way as humans.  In dogs emotions and intelligence depend primarily on anticipation of their daily meals and outings, and their master providing those at regular times.  Dogs have also developed a refined  system to recognize other dogs,  their habits and sex. And they can be very particular in showing their affection. Not only towards dogs but also towards humans.  For example our dog Teun always had a weak spot for blond dogs as well as blond women.