11. Mar, 2016

Underwater photography and their websites

In the early year of underwater photography  (UWP) there were only diving clubs, and  a handful  diving magazines, such as Skin Diver from the US and Tauchen  from Germany. That was it. No internet and with only a few  scuba divers using  UW cameras like the Rolleimarin and the Nikonos to explore the oceans. The scene has now changed dramatically and  numerous websites  are available to  search for interesting  new products, techniques for macro and wide angle shooting and even book your diving holidays,  The sites often have the opportunity to chat and receive  feedback from experts or other UWP soul mates. The great impulse behind this development  was of course  the growing market  for underwater photography equipment: the digital camera, new camera housings and  lenses in different ranges, UW lighting and numerous gadgets to help you setting up your favorite combo. Let me mention some  of these sites that I found helpful myself.

Wetpixel  is one site that is remarkable because its not specifically linked to a specific product on the market and it allows a free exchange  of ideas between the photographers and experts, some of them  working for the market and some not. Other commercial sites whose primary aim is to sell a product are often happy to answer your questions and  give you an advise even if there is no immediate  company profit involved.  Among these I would like to mention  Bluewater Underwater Photography  (with their own Underwater  Photography Guide, UPG), Backscatter, and in Holland  Onderwaterhuis.nl   Some  of these companies als organise their own UWP trips or workshops. 

 I should also mention DPG  (Dive Photo Guide); these people are not selling  anything but provide information on  UWP hardware and techniques.  Scuba travel from London is a diving travel organisation with  a great reputation for organising  UWP workshops on live aboards in the northern and southern Red Sea, most of them led by Alex Mustard (see picture above of a summer workshop in the Sharm area). Their trips and vessels are tailored to meet the demands of the UW photographer in terms of friendliness, expertise and excellent choice of diving sites. And last but not least  there is Peter Rowlands  free bimontly magazine UwP which is always a pleasure to read, with many new products and gadgets  but also informative  background  articles.