9. Feb, 2016

Being an idol in UW photography

The term groupie Is mostly  used  to designate devoted female fans of  a band or musical performer. 

Groupies not only exist in the world of rockstars. They are also found at Universities,were I spent most of my working life. Some teachers (not necessarily attractive) have that natural charisma that brings lots of students during their classes. It’s has to do with their skill, but also their presentation, their gestures and way of looking at the audience. It can even hypnotize the audience, serious as well as not so serious students.  

Same seems to happen on Facebook. Where famous UW photographers get an amazing response. I must be their skill and personality that ignites their faithful visitors. The amazing thing is that once  you have reached that level, little things suffice to thrill the audience. It’s just like that little  movement of the hips  of Mick Jagger that was enough to bring his (mostly female) fans  in ecstasy.  Same happens with the famous underwater photographer. Who only has to show a picture of his (or her) dog, or even just  his (her)  underwater camera to trigger hundred of  likes and comments.

Isn’t  that wonderful? 🙂