17. Dec, 2015

Nostalgia (2): remembering Cousteau

 When we were much younger many of us became attracted to the mysterious underwater world  after reading Jacques Cousteau's book 'Le Monde du Silence' (The Silent World).  Later followed by the documentary with the same title, by Cousteau and Louis Malle.  We still keep vivid memories of Cousteau and his two diving companions Frédéric Dumas and Philippe Tailliez.  And all the men with their funny red caps exploring the oceans on the Calypso, a rebuilt mine sweeper with its famous captain Albert Falco (see picture above) who died in 2012 in Marseille. And of course, Cousteau’s  commentaries  in perfect English with that  typical heavy French accent:  'We have become  ze Cosmonauts of ze  Sea'  

Cousteau was also aware of  the dangers that threatened the sea  which he described  in his book 'La Mer Blessée' (The Wounded Sea). Our planet has changed since Cousteau, but the fascinating  underwater world is still there despite the damage done to its inhabitants and coral reefs. Its remaining splendours have even become more accessible and visible than in the days of Cousteau. Thanks to better travel facilities, photographical  equipment and last but not least numerous excellent  underwater pictures taken by the professionals as well  as amateur photographers