5. Dec, 2015

Climate change and protection of our environment

 Air pollution probably already  started with the industrial revolution around 1750.  One  reason  why we are now confronted  with such alarming effect of global warming,  is that this process  does not follow a  linear (e.g. 1,2,3,4)   but exponential (e.g. 1 2,4,8,) function. Changes are multiplied with the same number with each step in time. And its dramatic manifestations, such as  melting glaciers permafrost and ocean ice are not something that can be restored in a couple of years or decades. Even in the unlikely event that fossil fuel depletion and  CO2 emission would now be drastically  reduced,  its beneficial effects would probably still take many generations to  become manifest.

Nevertheless, the climate  models  although realistic, should  not lead to despair. Because there is something we can do on the short term and that is protecting the  parts of the environment that we cherish and want to preserve for future generations. This can only be accomplished  if we change the mentality of our leaders of industry and their political allies. And convince  them that a healthy economy should  go hand in hand with environmental protection not destruction.