Picture of the week: half moon angel fish

Half moon Angel fish (Pomocanthus maculosus). Barge wreck, northern Red Sea
Taken with Nikon D7200, Tokina 10-17, DS 161 substrobes


News: 'Dutch Orca' Morgan appears to be pregnant.

The controversy around 'Dutch  Orca'  Morgan continues. Morgan was rescued in 2010 in the Waddenzee Holland and later transported to Loro Parque in Teneriffe Spain. An animal liberation group under the name of  FMF (Free Morgan Federation) has since then protested against her capture and transport. Even wanting to free her in the Oceans, which likely would have meant the end of Morgan.  It now appears that Morgan, who was earlier found  to be deaf,  is pregnant which is against a CITES Convention prohibiting breeding of wild orcas.  FMF spokesman Dr  Ingrid Visser said that Morgan would deliver  a 'hebrid calf', a product of a wild orca mating with a captive born orca*. Officials from Loro Parque however said that  the  'natural instincts of an animal should never be suppressed, even when held in captivity'. 

*Note  that the word 'hebrid' here lacks biological foundation,  There is no biological reason why a captive and wild born animal  could not  produce healthy offspring (AK).


News: Sumatran tiger threatened by deforestation

Sumatran tiger habitat and study design. a 2012 forest cover in Sumatra, Indonesia. b Camera trapping study sites with placement of cameras shown by yellow points. c Photo of a Sumatran tiger in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park showing how a tiger's unique striping pattern is used to identify individuals

Sumatran tiger  (Panthera tigris  sumatrae)  survival is threatened by deforestation despite increasing densities in parks, as shown in a recent camera trapping study. Continuing deforestation for construction of palm oil plantations seems to be the primary cause of the tigers decline in their former jungle territories.

News: Pre-historic human sized penguin found

Fossil hunters found bones of a  giant penguin  measuring 1.77 m on  a beach at South-island New Zealand.  Surpassing the largest currently known emperor penguin of 1.20 m. The giant penguin named Kumimanu biceae must have lived when the dinosaurus had already  become extinct.