Picture of the week: Raja Ampat landscape

Oscar Ramirez (@oscarramirezphoto)  was so kind as to share his fabulous underwater picture of light and color.  Taken at Raja Ampat, Indonesia with Nikon D850, a Sigma 15mm F/2.8 Fisheye lens,  settings SO 320, f/9, 1/200s.

News: A note from the Fallows

A note from the  Fallows during these challenging times. About  the hard life of male lions in the Kalahari desert and New Zealand  Great Whites

Highlighted: How an Olympic champion stays fit

Olympic champion swimmer Sharon van Rouwendaal from Holland shows how inventive athletes can be to stay fit in these Corona dominated months. A small inflatable pool In her back garden.

News: Beluga likes to play

This beautiful beluga whale behaves just like your dog, it loves to fetch a ball thrown by it master The beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas) is an Arctic and sub-Arctic cetacean. Some have been trained by the Russian Navy for military purposes. Beluga whales in the wild have been reported to imitate human voices



Highlighted: not enough snow for Finland seal pups.

The Saimaa ringed seal in Finland is an endangered species. It needs a thick snow layer to survive because it gives birth to its pups in lairs dug into snowbanks. But temperatures around their Finnish lake have been up to 10°C above the winter average, and there isn't enough snow for their survival. Maybe, with 20 years there will be no snow at all in the region, rangers fear,  who now bring in extra snow for the newborn pups.

News: The octopus gripper

What do robots and octopuses have in common? The answer is a lot, if Harvard scientists have their way. They have taken inspiration from under the sea and designed a robotic arm based on octopus tentacle - and with good reason. Of course, the real arm may be even more clever. Two-thirds of an octopus ’s neurons are in its arms, meaning each arm literally has a mind of its own. Octopus arms can untie knots, open childproof bottles, and wrap around prey of any shape or size. The hundreds of suckers that cover their arms can form strong seals even on rough surfaces underwater.


Highlighted: E-book update

This ‘E-book’  contains an updated collection of around 80  blog articles from the last three years.  I here provide two separate content lists, a list in which the articles are ordered according to the five most often recurring themes, and a chronological list. A simple click on the title will hopefully guide you to the article of your choice. For download,  click  next to the  PDF icon below