Picture of the week: Eilat Mory eels

This wonderful wide-angle picture of two Moray eels (lycodontis undulatus) sharing the same habitat was taken by  Dany Weinberg in Eilat, Israel with Olympus EM1 m2 with the kit lens and WA adapter. Thanks, Dany for sharing!

Highlighted: Seismic explosions in S. Africa envisaged by Shell

Fossile energy giant Shell plans to conduct underwater explosions to locate deep-sea oil and gas reserves, with vessels at sea for five months starting 1 December. They will travel between Morgan Bay in the south and Port St Johns - an area known as the Wildcoast of East South Africa. An important mating, breeding, and foraging area for the humpback and other whale species.  Premier Oscar Mabyane of the East Cape Province is in a difficult position in the court ruling in Makhanda, having released permissions earlier and arguing that East Cape is a country with a poor population, in need of enduring economic developments. And confronted with protests from Happy Khambule of Greenpeace Africa calling  Shell a Climate Crook only interested in profit and not in its consequences for humanity and the planet.


News: More rain and sooner in the Arctic

According to an article in  Nature the planet’s warming is transforming the fragile Arctic, moving it toward a future that can be summed up in four words: more rain, less snow. But now researchers say that unprecedented shift — and the profound impacts that are likely to accompany it — could come decades sooner than previously thought.

Highlighted: help surveying Walrus populations

The World Wildlife Fund and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) are seeking volunteers to help survey Walrus populations in the Arctic. The organizations will announce this  Wednesday, on World Walrus Day. Researchers hope for half a million volunteers, who will check satellite images from home for the presence of Walruses. Join in and register now!

Highlight: Breaching basking shark: Oh my God!

I could not resist posting this Facebook clip from the BSoUP group in the  UK. The seawater along the Irish coast  must have been pretty cold by now for these lucky snorkelers



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