Picture of the week: Bimini mangroves over under

Red mangroves (Rhizophora) with their prop roots. Picture taken with Olympus PEN, Panasonic 8mm and 4 inch dome. Natural light and filter.

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28. Feb, 2018

Blog: Going Bahamas

News: New healthy coral discovered near Saba

Photo Erik Meesters

Dutch researchers from the Wageningen Marine Institution found a new rich coral reef of around 10 km long and 1 km wide at the edge of the Saba banks near the island of Saba.  It is situated at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, which probably explains its richness.

News: Last male northern white rhino died

Sudan was the  last male  northern white rhino held in captivity. The wild-caught  rhinoceros's death leaves only two females of the northern white rhino subspecies (Ceratotherium simum cottoni) alive on the planet: Najin, Sudan's daughter born in 1989, and Fatu, Najin's daughter born in 2000

News: Plastic soup contains mainly waste from fishing boats

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch appears to be contaminated with 4–16 times more floating plastic by mass than previously estimated, according to a paper published today in Nature Scientific Reports.The garbage patch covers about 3 times the area of continental France and encloses buoyant plastic tonnage equivalent to 500 jumbo jets, according to the Dutch Ocean Cleanup Foundation. 70%of the rubbish consisted of waste from fishing vessels like buoys, cables and ghost nets. Researchers estimate the increase of plastic to have tripled to 1.3 kilograms per square meters over 40 years.