Picture of the week: Butterflies over de reef

Taken in the Red Sea with EPL5/ Olympus EPL5/F 1/8  8 mm PRO lens


News: Long island new 'hope spot' in the Bahamas

Long Island hot-spot: Long Island located in the Southern  Bahamas  is known for its astonishing contrasts in geography. There are chalk-white limestone cliffs, forested hillsides and mangrove swamps. Interestingly,  the island has been declared a 'Hope Spot''  by international non-profit Mission Blue in support of the Bahamian government’s tentative plan to proclaim a marine protected area in the area. Long Island Marine Management Area (LIMMA)


News: Sunscreens may harm the corals

Picture taken by Ethan Daniels

 Actually,  not entirely new is the discovery that  Oxybenzone,  a component of many sunscreen lotions may actually decrease corals’ defenses against bleaching, damaging their DNA. Using a safe sunscreen, or even better no sunscreen at all when snorkeling or diving with a long sleeves shirt or wetsuit may be a good prevention.  


News: Playing Bach for Blind Elephant

Playing  Bach  for Blind elephant on the piano. But I think she loved Liebestraum from  Liszt best,  Enjoy!

News: King Penguins Colony decline

King penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus Miller) are major fish consumers in the Southern Ocean. The king-penguin-colony at Ile aux Cochons, Iles Crozet, in the southern Indian Ocean was known in the 1980s as the largest king penguin colony and the second largest penguin colony in the world. However, there have not been any recent estimates of this colony. Aerial photographs taken from a helicopter, and satellite images were used to report on changes in the colony and population sizes over the past 50 years. The colony has declined by 88% over the past 35 years, from c. 500 000 pairs to 60 000 pairs. 

Gorilla reunion

You perhaps already know this moving film by Damian Aspinall, revisiting his gorilla friends in Africa after 12 years separation, together with his teenage daughter,  in this Gorilla reunion. Couldn't help uploading it again.