Picture of the week: Tompot Blennies

This image of Tompot blennies fighting under Swanage pier, Dorset, won Henley Spiers an Underwater Photographer of the Year award. Taken with Nikon D7200, Nikon D60mm, 2x Inon Z240, ISO100 @ 4.5, 1/125. Category British Waters Macro Award winner.

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News: British Queen bans plastic

The British queen bans plastic from all Royal estates,   inspired by  David Attenborough's documentary Blue Planet II. In addition, speaking to environmentalists in London last month, the Prince of Wales said that "we cannot, indeed must not, allow this situation to continue".

News: New resort opened in North Sudan

The Sanganeb atoll with lighthouse

Until recently the famous Sudanese reefs could only be visited by liveaboards leaving from Port Sudan or Port Ghalib in Egypt. However, last year a Sudanese organisation opened a modest  'eco'  resort 30 km north of Port Sudan, not so far from the legendary Sanganeb and Shab Rumi atolls.  Flights are via Cairo or Dubai to Port Sudan. No alcoholic beverages allowed in Sudan.  For updates follow this news section.

News: Woodpecker Brain

Researchers recently found that  the brains of  the woodpecker Picoides pubescens contained large quantities of the protein tau, more than in other birds. In humans tau can be seen in conditions like  neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and in American  football players.  In Woody however it may serve rather as protection  and  extra stability against damage of neural tissue

News: Changing attitude towards sharkfin soup in China

Consumption  of shark fin soup in China no longer the greatest threat to sharks, according to WildAid report